Mission Statement

Translation is my craft, my passion, and my art. We aim to offer a top-notch independent freelance translation service to agencies and final clients.

Scientific-Literary Translation English < > Spanish

Post-Editing of MT // Transcreation // Creative Writing

Our Main Services

Edition and Proofreading

WordPress Installation, Configuration & Themes Customization

WordPress Maintenance and Security

Web Design, HTML5/CSS3 Coding, and Search Engine Optimization

Our Third-Party Services

Markets We ServE

Life Sciences - Health Care

Clinical Trials Protocols
Medical Charts
Patient’s Consents
Social & Dental Plans
Employee Benefit Information
Health Care Coverage Benefit Plans
Equipment for Clinical Trials
Insurance Health Coverage
Human Health Risk Assessment
Subtitles for Health Educational Videos

Occupational Health & Safety

Company Policies and Procedures
Employee’s Performance Evaluations
Employee’s Handbooks
Employee’s Surveys
Application Forms
Workplace Safety Manuals
Management Guidelines
Surveying Documents
Training Materials
Press Releases & Newsletters

Earth Sciences, Environment & Energy

Waste Management
Water Treatment
Services & Utilities
Gas & Electric Utilities
Energy Resources
Sustainable Development
Environmental Health Hazards
Alternative and Renewable Energies

Sales, Marketing & Hospitality

Market Research
Online Shopping Catalogs
Sales Catalogs
Sales Brochures
Product Instructions & Packaging
Food, Beverages and Apparel
Tourism Websites
Travel Guides
Hotel Websites

Literature, Poetry & Education

Poetry Books for Children
Children’s Rhyming Books
Children’s Pet Books
Geography Textbooks
History Textbooks
Social Studies Textbooks
Math Textbooks
National Traditions Books
Parent and Student Handbooks

Technical - Aviation & Automotive

Technical Training
User’s Manuals
GPS Manuals
Tri-level Accident Study
Trucks – Technical Handbooks
Automotive Parts Catalogs
Farm Equipment: Tractors
Machinery User’s Guide
Riding & Walk-Behind Mowers

Core Competencies

Loyalty towards the source text

Specialization in 

Adaptability to demanding conditions

Creativity to offer innovative solutions

Self-motivation to improve in the profession

Professional Values

Deadlines are always our priority

Commitment to the client’s vision

Integrity and reliability in daily work

Adaptability to demanding conditions

Creativity to offer innovative solutions

Solid CAT Tools proficiency





Background and Experience

Over 7 million words translated from English into Spanish.

Ongoing work for several ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System Certified companies.                                                                                                                                                                                  More than forty children’s books translated into Spanish: Poetry/Rhymes, Textbooks,

Mathematics, Geography, History, Biographies, National Traditions, Social Studies, Animals,

Automotive, Self-Help & more.

We serve ISO Certified clients

Our portfolio includes translation agencies and companies of all sizes

Client Testimonials

As a Trusted Translation PM, I found a professional experience to work with Romina. She addresses any issues quickly and timely providing alternative solutions. Her language skills are beyond expectations.

Gisela Donnarumma, Production Director, Project Manager @ Trusted Translations Inc.

Romina was a delight to work with. Her contributions were greatly appreciated and resulted in a higher quality product.

Laurence Joly-Lukas, Communications Specialist @ Medtronic Inc.

Romina’s work was excellent and she took her responsibility as a translator very seriously. Creating the Spanish version of our company Web site gave me a special appreciation for her capabilities.

Marie Stölte, Senior Writer @ C.H. Robinson Worldwide Inc.

Romina has proven herself not only to be an effective translator and writer, but has also remained highly attentive to our clients’ needs, whims, timelines and specifications.

David Leonhardt, President @ SEO-Writer, The Happy Guy Marketing

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